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The big question after creating that great New Music is how to gain more plays and followers on Soundcloud?

Why do you need to buy Soundcloud Plays? i have spent years finding ways to creatively market musicians and grow their reach.
This is a tried and Proven free soundcloud marketing technique.

Soundcloud offers a huge platform of millions of users searching for the next best songs.

In this video i describe the 5 steps, the tips and tricks that have been working for me, I’m sure this will help Boost your Souncloud likes, reposts, plays, and comments making your Music go Viral.

In this video I am showing you how to get more soundcloud plays.

The best way to get more soundcloud plays fast is to
1. First deliver high quality music production, learn from youtube, gain knowledge on music mastering and mixing down your tracks.
2. Make graphics that stand out, good quality artwork will separate you from the rest
3. Network on soundcloud, Building network on platforms like soundcloud is key.
4. Pay for soundcloud blogs to repost your music, any business always needs financial investment, so why not invest into your soundcloud marketing.
5. Be consistent, keep producing music, and keep releasing new music

This is my way and my method of gaining followers and views on soundcloud. You can use technique s like these in other social media platforms
like Facebook, instagram, twitter and even youtube.

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