Understanding Air Force Enlisted Promotions

Understanding Air Force Enlisted Promotions

In this video I speak about Air Force enlisted promotions for active duty and guard/reserve. Things that may come into consideration: time in grade, time in service, Air Force skill level and testing with the promotion fitness examination and specialty knowledge test.

How To Become An Event Promotion Machine

How To Become An Event Promotion Machine

This week Eric Worre gives you 10 Strategies to Become an Event Promotion Machine, and ideas on how you can be a world class promoter. Promotion in network marketing is the number one highest paid skill. The people who can get people to make a decision to go and attend an event, they get paid bigger than anybody else in network marketing… When people go to events, their vision changes, their game plan changes, and their view of the future changes. In this video Eric is discussing event promotion for the promotional partners of the upcoming Recruiting Mastery event, but the concept is the same regardless of the event or company.
Strategy #1 is to Promote. As Eric explains, don’t confuse Promotion with Announcements. Most people announce, and announcements don’t create promotion. Make sure people know that you are committed to it also, let them know the value and benefits. For example, “Here’s all the things you’re going to get if you decide to attend this event with us.” Promotion is all inclusive.
Strategy #2, promote to your entire team. Talk about what they are going to learn. Talk about the relationships, talk about the fun, adventure, excitement and ideas. Talk about all the benefits they would get by being there.
Strategy #3 – Work With Your Leaders. Identify key leaders that are going to be part of your promotional team. Give those people some benefits for promotion and results, such as maybe you have a special dinner or party for those people, or maybe some incentives or some bonus recognition. Use your leaders to create leverage. Get your team involved.
Strategy #4 –Prizes or awards. Maybe you could benefit by not just selling tickets, but you could use a few as giveaways, or incentives or bonuses. Maybe you’ve got a leg that needs to be built up in order for you to move to the next level. You can tell the people in your organization that if they achieve XYZ, then you have give them a ticket as a reward, as incentive, as a contest in order to be able to provide an incentive for them to do the task that’s going to reward you not only short term but long term.
Strategy #5 – Recognition. Recognize the people who register. Recognize the people who register early. Recognize the people who are on the leadership team. Recognize they’re stepping out and getting outside of their comfort zone. Recognize them on Facebook. Recognize them on email. Recognize them on conference calls. Recognize them however you want to recognize them, but recognition drives behavior, it really, really does.
Strategy #6 – Create an Event Within the Event. For example, if you are promoting an event, let them know of a special acticity or party you have planned just for your team. Create a little get together before the event even starts to get them excited and focused. There are lunches, breakfasts, dinners, workouts, or anything you want to do inside of your team. Create some extra things.
Strategy #7 – Repetition. Repetition being the idea that you can’t just announce this and you can’t just invite people, you have to promote, which means repeat it over and over and over and over and over again for people to realize that you’re serious about this.
Strategy #8 – Host Hotels. Create a host hotel if your event isn’t located in a hotel. Use it as party central. Maybe throw a pool part the day before the event, or have a party in lounge, or appetizers or dinner. Engage in those activities as a team. Use the hotel to help create some excitement.
Strategy #9 – No. 9. Corporate or Cross Line. Talk to people that maybe you have good relationship with that are cross line to you, and see if they want a little chunk of your tickets in order to bring part of their team. Also talk to Corporate and see if they want to use tickets as incentives or scholarships.
And finally Strategy #10 – Create breakout sessions for your team after the event is over. This will really help your team absorb the materials that were presented and create strategy that everyone can implement so you all are rowing on the same team.

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The Army Promotion Board In Less Than 4 Minutes!

The Army Promotion Board In Less Than 4 Minutes!

This is a condensed example of how a promotion board transpires. A mock board was conducted right before this was recorded. Instead of posting a 20 minute mock board. We recorded this somewhat scripted example to get the point across.

This outline applies to Soldier of the Month boards as well. Most (not all) boards will follow this sequence.

For more info and tips on successfully attending the board go to:

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Above Promotions Company’s Publicity Marketing Promotions Short Commercial

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SSC CHSL Exam, Salary & Promotion [An Expert’s Guide]

SSC CHSL Exam, Salary & Promotion [An Expert’s Guide]

” upload_time=”2017-05-15T12:42:18.000Z” description=”Complete Guide – Full Form: Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam Follow us on – Facebook – Twitter – G+ – Post Name: DEO, LDC,” duration=”PT4M19S”]Complete Guide –
Full Form: Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam

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Post Name: DEO, LDC, Postal/Sorting Assistant & Court Clerk

Type of Exam: Tier 1: Online
Tier 2 Offline

Exam Level: Higher Secondary Level

In Hand Salary : Rs. 18,000 – 30,000

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern

Tier 1 Online Written Test
Tier 2 Offline Written Test
Tier 3 Skill Test/ Typing Test

SSC CHSL Tier 1 Exam

Exam Mode: Online
Exam Type: Objective
Questions: 100
Marks: 200
Negative Marking: 0.50 Marks each
Parts: 4 Parts
1. General Intelligence
2. English Language
3. Quantitative Aptitude
4. General Awareness

SSC CHSL Tier 2 Exam

Exam Mode: Offline
Exam Type: Descriptive
Duration: 1 hour
Marks: 100
Language: Hindi or English
Parts :
Essay Writing
Precis Writing
Letters Writing
Application Writing

SSC CHSL Tier 3 Exam

Typing Test

English Tying Speed: 35 words per minute
Hindi Tying Speed: 30 words per minute
Typing test for the Post: Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant/LDC/Court Clerk

Skill Test
Speed: 8000 key depressions per hour on computer
Typing test for the Post: Data Entry Operator

Tiger Shroff’s Amazing Stunt With Shraddha Kapoor For Baaghi Promotions

Tiger Shroff’s Amazing Stunt With Shraddha Kapoor For Baaghi Promotions

Watch Tiger Shroff show off his martial art skills with Shraddha Kapoor at the promotional event for his upcoming movie Baaghi.

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Event Marketing: 17 Things Every Event Promotion Should Have

Event Marketing:  17 Things Every Event Promotion Should Have

Event Planning Expert Darlene Lyons shares insider tips on event promotion. This video includes 17 things you should consider putting on your event promotion materials and why. Find more helpful tips at

Hotels And Restaurants Promotional Video Production

Hotels And Restaurants Promotional Video Production

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